Another Year to be Grateful

For every birthday, I'm more appreciative of all the people in my life, along with those who have been very supportive of me throughout the years.

I've learned many aspects that made me better this year, such as recognizing my own self-worth, learning to put myself first before I can fully take care of others, as well as setting small milestones to achieve bigger goals.

As an influencer, being able to collaborate with all these brands is amazing, and I’m very thankful for every opportunity that social media has given me. But of course, none of this would've been possible without all of your support.

For those who have been around since my vintage, clothes-selling days, I’m so grateful for all of you. What initially started out as a small retail business on Instagram gradually transitioned into a place for me to share my lifestyle. I feel incredibly blessed to have this little platform on social media to be able to share with all of you my love for fashion and photography, as well as what drives me creatively.

Knowing that some of you have been keeping up with me for years is still mind-blowing to me; considering that, I always want to remain grounded and authentic to my following by continuing to share with you the brands and products that I genuinely take interest in, as long as I'm still present on social media.

Thank you for all of your recent birthday wishes, and I hope that everybody had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Photos by @velvet_LA.

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