(Fashion print from Desenio)

(& Black Marble print from Desenio)
(Ink Texture, Black Shirt, and Fashion Cities print from Desenio)

Over the years, I’ve discovered that less is definitely more when it comes to many aspects in life but specifically, interior spaces. Being overly consumed with interior decor, I used to have so many excessive pieces that ended up just making the room feeling minute and disarranged. Overtime, I’ve just learned to stick to the essentials and gravitate more towards timeless pieces.

At the moment, I love having an open, minimal space along with prints to complement a room. I’ve realized that the prints and wall art that you choose for your space can be essential, since it sets the theme and ambiance for your entire environment.

In my recent collaboration with Desenio, I’ve decided to choose a set of prints with a timeless color palette with a coordinating theme. Although there were many scenic prints to choose from, I had to resist from getting everything off of their site. I had to be strategic in my selection to ensure that the chosen prints would look cohesive together. There is no set rule for decorating a space. But of course, I’ve dedicated myself to a more minimal and efficient approach to match my style. I just adhered to a black and white palette and fashion/typography set of prints.

You can find them all on Desenio’s site, which is linked under the photos. Be sure to use the promo code ‘lovejuliethai’ to get 25% off their prints for today only (not valid on frames/handpicked).

The prints featured in these photos were:
& Black Marble (30x40cm), Fashion (50x70), Ink Texture (30x40cm), Black Shirt (30x40cm), Beauty Has No Age (50x70), and Fashion Cities (30x40)


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