Discovering Minimalism

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These days, I've been on a blogging hiatus while re-prioritizing what matters most to me. I needed some time away to reevaluate my life, as well as my long-term goals. I also wanted to utilize that time to reconsider my interests and things that keep me creatively charged, in hopes of reigniting that "spark". Although most of my media content revolves merely around fashion, I want to explore topics beyond that, while making my blog and other platforms a little more personal altogether. For the past year, I've discovered and explored my deep passion for minimalism. I want to share my own journey with you, such as my intentions and why I decided to venture towards this lifestyle.

Growing up, I've always felt restrained by my possessions. No matter how much space I had or how I seemed to organize, my belongings would always get back to being disordered and chaotic again. Despite always running out of places to store my things, I’ve never questioned the items that I owned. At the time, I believed that having more space would surely alleviate the cluttered environment and never thought that my spending habits or overall lifestyle was the source of the problem.

Simultaneously, I also felt like I have been subconsciously gravitating towards minimalism. When it came to interior spaces, I began taking a specific interest in minimal design. I deeply valued a clean, open appearance of a space. Nonetheless, when looking at these contemporary spaces, I couldn’t comprehend a couple of things: 1) how they were able to maintain their homes so immaculate, and 2) why they hardly had any belongings within a room. Since I was so accustomed to a disorderly and cluttered home, living minimally did not seem at all attainable or realistic.

Later, I discovered that minimalism was not just limited to having a space filled with fewer things or keeping a neutral-colored wardrobe. Minimalism is a way of life. Fasting forward to a year after being exposed to minimalism, it has enhanced my overall lifestyle and perception of everyday tasks. Being profoundly inspired by this wondrous lifestyle change, I’ve decided to dedicate many of my upcoming blog posts towards my minimalism progression, and hopefully, my journey will be able to inspire you as well.


  1. Yes! There's this book on the art of tidying up that helps people with their journey on minimalism.

    1. Thanks April, I'll definitely take note of that! xx