Style has always been a significant part of me, but momentarily, practicality is also essential. After acquiring so many belongings, I’ve leisurely cut down to the necessities, whether it’s clothing or closet possessions. When it pertains to handbags, I inevitably hold onto the ones that are more practical for day-to-day wear.

F21 choker top and skirt | Sandy Lisa bag | Call it Spring heels | H&M shades

Classy and sensible, the Portofino from Sandy Lisa is the perfect bag to transition conveniently from day to night. With all its concealed compartments, the Portofino indubitably makes it efficiently easy for organization, as well as looking modish for any form of occasion.

Sandy Lisa gives the modern woman a renewed way to transport around daily necessities without having to compromise style or individuality. With that being said, I’ve decided to contentedly team up with them to host a giveaway; the lucky winner will be able to attain a Sandy Lisa bag of their choice (up to $149 value).

For more details and how to enter the giveaway, simply click here.

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