For those of you who have seen my recent post on Instagram, you'll know that I'm collaborating with Beyond The Beauty to host a giveaway for their 3P Volume hair curler.

I tend to be very selective of the hair beauty brands that I use, especially since I’ve started taking better care of my hair. That's one of the reasons why I appreciate how Beyond the Beauty’s 3P Volume curler uses digital heat, which not only shields your hair from damage, but also leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and gleaming with long lasting volume. If you’re the type that enjoys wearing curls on a regular basis, this would be a practical must-have beauty tool to own.

To participate in the 3P Volume curler giveaway, simply click here. Once you're there, just choose one of the options you'd like to enter. You’re only required to enter the giveaway once. However, you can choose to enter as many times as you'd prefer for a higher chance of winning.

The winner will officially be announced on May 9th through @beyondthebeautyus’s Instagram.

If you're interested in any other products from them, you can also get 40% off of any purchases made on Beyond the Beauty by using the code lovejt40off (offer ends May 8th at midnight). Good luck!


Zara body suit | F21 blazer, beret, and camel skirt | Call it Spring heels | Ebay shades

Without a doubt, my two preferred colors to pair together would have to be beige and dusty pink. The combination of the two always reminds me of my color-blocking days, but surely more muted and subtle. These classic tones also does a worthy job at being lenient on the eyes, especially since the colors aren't overpowering.

If you haven't noticed by now, I’m always taking advantage of dressing for the chilly weather, especially since summer is just around the corner. Speaking of which, people are currently getting ready for Coachella, while I’m at home prepping to get my personal to-do list completed by summer, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. An outdoor music festival in the middle of the scorching desert may sound somewhat tempting, but I think that can definitely be on hold for next year.