I’ve been very much anticipating the winter season, just to bring out all of my beloved jackets and coats that have been dusting in the closet for months. At the moment, I appreciate the pairing of leather jackets with soft and feminine camisoles. Although the contrast between the two is evident, it just comes to show that opposites can pair perfectly well with one another.

Aside from fixating over leather jackets and winter attire, I also can’t seem to dress in any shade other than black. It’s been seemingly difficult for me to integrate colors into my wardrobe these days, since black appears to be the best and easiest color to pair with practically every outfit. I dread the days of having to flip through my rack of clothes to figure out what color I’d like to wear and which pair of colored shoes it would match seamlessly with.

Overall, eliminating colors from my wardrobe spared me so much time getting dressed in the morning. Anything that can help shorten my process of readying for the day, then I’m all for it.

Zara motor jacket | Nicole Vienna watch | Delphine blouse | Public Desire boots | F21 velvet choker
(Photos by Ryan Chua)


Noa Elle blouse | Daniel Wellington watch | Aldo heels & shades | F21 choker

Whether I’m lounging around in the contentment of my own home or wandering out and about, I've always been fond of satin clothing. I'm drawn to the sophisticated, silky feel of the material, such as this farrah blouse from Noa Elle. It's one out of the many neutral and dreamy garments from their holiday collection.

Considering that this look has more of a romantic and bohemian touch from the delicate bell sleeves to the over-the-shoulder detail, this was slightly out of my ordinary wear. Nonetheless, it's always nice to alternate your style from time to time.
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Marie Hell dazzle dress | Zara motor jacket | Aldo shades

Lately, I've remained very much drawn to minimal clothing. I'm also in the process of revamping my wardrobe to having more minimum pieces to layer upon, such as this dazzle dress from Marie Hell.

Wearing this undeniably reminds me of a modern-day version of Wednesday from The Addams Family, which I'm sure can easily pass as Halloween attire. As proper as this little black dress may seem, I also like the fact that I can throw on a classic motor jacket over it to instantly change the mood of the entire ensemble and give it more of an edgier feel.

All things considered, I think it's essential for girls to own a LBD in their wardrobe. It's elegant and effortlessly simple to dress either up or down. Garments don't always have to be abstract and obscure to be notable. Occasionally, it's the more modest pieces that draws attention in a negligible way.


When I first laid eyes on Sudio's line, I fell entirely in love with their Swedish premium design and the quality of their products. With the collection of styles they carried, I decided to get my hands on the Vasa BLA, their wireless freedom earphones.

Aesthetic-wise, there’s clearly nothing to dispraise. The touch of rose gold on the design makes the earphones stand out benevolently without blaring for attention. Vasa BLA also comes with an exclusive leather case to guard your earphones and maintain its pristine condition.

Being that it was my first time owning a pair of wireless earphones, I loved how it doesn’t restrict my movement. Sophisticated, minimalistic, and lightweight, the Vasa BLA also gives you up to 8 hours of freedom. Sudio knows that there’s no one size fits all, which is why these earphones also comes with personalized in-ear sleeves.

The Vasa BLA earphones have studio quality sound that gives you a stimulating listening experience each time. With Sudio, you will surely stand out in a refined way.

Visit Sudio’s site and use the code ‘lovejulie’ for 15% off your purchase.


Style has always been a significant part of me, but momentarily, practicality is also essential. After acquiring so many belongings, I’ve leisurely cut down to the necessities, whether it’s clothing or closet possessions. When it pertains to handbags, I inevitably hold onto the ones that are more practical for day-to-day wear.

F21 choker top and skirt | Sandy Lisa bag | Call it Spring heels | H&M shades

Classy and sensible, the Portofino from Sandy Lisa is the perfect bag to transition conveniently from day to night. With all its concealed compartments, the Portofino indubitably makes it efficiently easy for organization, as well as looking modish for any form of occasion.

Sandy Lisa gives the modern woman a renewed way to transport around daily necessities without having to compromise style or individuality. With that being said, I’ve decided to contentedly team up with them to host a giveaway; the lucky winner will be able to attain a Sandy Lisa bag of their choice (up to $149 value).

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Having dinner with an elevated view and a wondrous atmosphere always seems to be the most pleasant experience. Being that LA Prime was located on the 35th floor of the grand Westin Bonaventure, there were undoubtedly many hindrances along the way until we eventually reached the top, but it was all well worth it.

When entering, LA Prime’s sophisticated ambiance surely reminded me of a dreamy movie scene from the 60s, occupied by glamour and timeless elegance. Needless to say, I spent most of my time admiring the restaurant’s d├ęcor and gazing out of their window to capture the breathtaking scenery.

For starters, we ordered their fresh select market oysters, blue fin tuna tartare, and pan roasted bone marrow. As for the main course, you can hardly go wrong with the porterhouse steak, along with their signature sauce. Overall, Westin Bonaventure is a place that I will definitely be returning to.


For those of you who have seen my recent post on Instagram, you'll know that I'm collaborating with Beyond The Beauty to host a giveaway for their 3P Volume hair curler.

I tend to be very selective of the hair beauty brands that I use, especially since I’ve started taking better care of my hair. That's one of the reasons why I appreciate how Beyond the Beauty’s 3P Volume curler uses digital heat, which not only shields your hair from damage, but also leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and gleaming with long lasting volume. If you’re the type that enjoys wearing curls on a regular basis, this would be a practical must-have beauty tool to own.

To participate in the 3P Volume curler giveaway, simply click here. Once you're there, just choose one of the options you'd like to enter. You’re only required to enter the giveaway once. However, you can choose to enter as many times as you'd prefer for a higher chance of winning.

The winner will officially be announced on May 9th through @beyondthebeautyus’s Instagram.

If you're interested in any other products from them, you can also get 40% off of any purchases made on Beyond the Beauty by using the code lovejt40off (offer ends May 8th at midnight). Good luck!


Zara body suit | F21 blazer, beret, and camel skirt | Call it Spring heels | Ebay shades

Without a doubt, my two preferred colors to pair together would have to be beige and dusty pink. The combination of the two always reminds me of my color-blocking days, but surely more muted and subtle. These classic tones also does a worthy job at being lenient on the eyes, especially since the colors aren't overpowering.

If you haven't noticed by now, I’m always taking advantage of dressing for the chilly weather, especially since summer is just around the corner. Speaking of which, people are currently getting ready for Coachella, while I’m at home prepping to get my personal to-do list completed by summer, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. An outdoor music festival in the middle of the scorching desert may sound somewhat tempting, but I think that can definitely be on hold for next year.


F21 faux leather bag | H&M camisole | Call it Spring Heels | F21 boyfriend blazer and grid pants

Today was one of those exceptionally windy days, which resulted in me wearing out this boyfriend blazer to shield myself from the gust. Since the blazer had a more formal yet masculine feel to it, I decided to pair it with this velvet camisole top and a bolo neck tie to make the look more casual and feminine. I particularly love the lace detailing on the camisole, which gives it a loungewear feel that's still appropriate to wear out during the daytime. I also completed the look with this faux leather bucket bag, which had easily replaced most of my handbags; perhaps it's because it resembles those little leather backpacks that I adore so much.


Saks Fifth hat | F21 blouse and skirt | H&M sunglasses | Call it Spring heels

Camel is such a classic neutral color that is fitting for any type of season. I truly love that the color works just as well for the summer as it does for the fall. Speaking of which, I’ve already gotten a few things planned ahead for summer vacation; with it being only a few months away, I’m highly anticipating for the season to arrive.

This outfit was surely inspired by the upcoming warmer months, which is why I decided to pair my favorite off-white blouse along with this belted camel skirt. To enhance the look and give it more of a modish desert feel, I also threw on this matching Panama hat and a pair of round golden sunglasses.


For this blog post, I’ve decided to collaborate with Peach & Lily to review their Perfect Pores Kit by Caolion. Although I do have an excessive amount of skin care products, I realized that I didn't have anything geared towards my pores. I often struggle with breakouts, as well as having very visible pores that could only be diminished with make up.

As a result, I was more than eager to add the Caolion pore system into my nightly routine. The Perfect Pores Kit comes with four different products: the Chitosan Foam Cleanser, the Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack, the Pore Original Pack, and the Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask.

After more than a week of incorporating these products into my nightly routine, my pore size seemed to have diminished, without having to use anything other than the Perfect Pores Kit.

Out of all the products, I personally enjoyed the Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack the most; I found it convenient to apply this on during my shower, since its application requires more time and maintenance than the rest. The Pore Original Pack certainly stands out from the group because of its overwhelming tingling sensation, followed by a very pleasant and cool after-feel. The Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask is unquestionably a nice finishing touch towards the end of the routine because it seals in all the goodness, keeps your skin well-hydrated, while also enhancing elasticity.

Overall, the Perfect Pores Kit process and application does take a bit of patience and time. Still, it is well worth it if you’re looking to invest into a skin regimen that’s specifically geared towards regulating your pores. I would highly suggest using them all together and in order, since the products compliment one another to properly enhance your skin's complexion.

For more information and details on the Perfect Pores Kit, feel free to visit the link here.


SheIn coat | Ebay sunglasses | Aldo purse & heels

Searching for the perfect coat over the past few months was surely not an easy task. Nonetheless, I was recently able to find myself this grey, long sleeve lapel coat from SheIn, which I couldn’t be more delighted about.

This coat seems to fit me almost seamlessly; I love how comfortable and lightweight the material feels, making it essentially possible to wear out even during 70-degree weather. To view more details about this coat, click here.