I’ve been very much anticipating the winter season, just to bring out all of my beloved jackets and coats that have been dusting in the closet for months. At the moment, I appreciate the pairing of leather jackets with soft and feminine camisoles. Although the contrast between the two is evident, it just comes to show that opposites can pair perfectly well with one another.

Aside from fixating over leather jackets and winter attire, I also can’t seem to dress in any shade other than black. It’s been seemingly difficult for me to integrate colors into my wardrobe these days, since black appears to be the best and easiest color to pair with practically every outfit. I dread the days of having to flip through my rack of clothes to figure out what color I’d like to wear and which pair of colored shoes it would match seamlessly with.

Overall, eliminating colors from my wardrobe spared me so much time getting dressed in the morning. Anything that can help shorten my process of readying for the day, then I’m all for it.

Zara motor jacket | Nicole Vienna watch | Delphine blouse | Public Desire boots | F21 velvet choker
(Photos by Ryan Chua)


Noa Elle blouse | Daniel Wellington watch | Aldo heels & shades | F21 choker

Whether I’m lounging around in the contentment of my own home or wandering out and about, I've always been fond of satin clothing. I'm drawn to the sophisticated, silky feel of the material, such as this farrah blouse from Noa Elle. It's one out of the many neutral and dreamy garments from their holiday collection.

Considering that this look has more of a romantic and bohemian touch from the delicate bell sleeves to the over-the-shoulder detail, this was slightly out of my ordinary wear. Nonetheless, it's always nice to alternate your style from time to time.
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